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April 29, 2007
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Merciful Angel by MiG-05 Merciful Angel by MiG-05
This is the cover for the Serbian band "Space Eater's" album "Merciful Angel". [link] to the Space Eater website. It's a big one this time since it's going not CD only but LP as well so it's got the same dimensions as Illusive [link]

The CD/LP is going to be distributed by "I Hate Records" and you can find their website here: [link]

About making this one I must say that I've never worked as fast and/or effective as I've done the past three days. I tried a for me new way of creating it. Instead of water color to make all the shadings and stuff I used Faber- Castell, Pitt Artist Pen which is a kind of inking pen shaped like a brush. It turned out that these pens didn't come in black only ( which I usually use to make all the black parts ) but in different shadings and colors as well. The effect is with some very minor differences much the same as when I paint with water color but since I don't have to wait for any water to dry and don't have take special care while applying the color since the pen's ink is water resistant it sped up my work amazingly much. In effect it took me about three days to make this one instead of a week or more. Nice ;)

Technique: Ink, water color ( for the color tones ) and gouache

Actual size: 27.5x12.6 inches

Ps. It's a large one so please be patient with the loading of the full view Ds.

****Edit: Wow I had no idea this one would receive a DD! Thanks thearchon for suggesting it and spinegrinder for featuring it and everyone else too of course, it really made my day ;)

Thanks again****

Edit once more: I'll try as best I can to answer each and every comment I've received, may take a little time though :)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2007-05-20
This incredible piece of art has everything you could want. The details and texture work are beautiful, which is only the icing on the cake of Merciful Angel by *MiG-05 - vengeance, violence, and fantasy with a slice of epic - one of the finest angel artworks I've seen on DA. There's even a downed stealth bomber; awesome! ( Suggested by JacobLarenArt and Featured by Thunderstatement )
no problem i love seeing good art work
I-Warner Jun 13, 2010  Hobbyist
Tha's some kickass mercy.
Heh, thanks =)
Amazing colors. And I love how lopsided the buildings are :D
Thanks and the buildings came out the way they did out of necessity =)
beautiful work
you welcome :D u doing great xD:)
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